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The Rowan Medicine Patient Portal is an internet application that allows you, as a patient of a Rowan Medicine physician(s); to secure (encrypted and password protected) web-based access to your electronic medical record. The Rowan Medicine Patient Portal also permits a secure, convenient communications system between you and your physician’s office(s).   Rowan Medicine Patient Portal  allows  you  to view  your medical record, to send a message to your  physician(s) office, send  requests to,  make or change appointments, request medication refills, prepare paperwork prior to an office visit,  and request referrals to other medical professionals.

Rowan Medicine Patient Portal (RPP) Terms and Conditions include the following

  1. It is your responsibility to keep your password to the RPP confidential.
  2. Do not send messages requiring "urgent" attention because typical response time to your messages, are within one to two business days. In addition, do not include sensitive topics that you may want to only discuss with your doctor.
  3. Contents of any of your portal messages may be stored in your permanent medical record.
  4. All messages on the RPP may be viewed by health professionals, administrators   and other employees, who work in the office(s) of your physician.
  5. Messages on the RPP are not a substitute for your appropriate and timely contact with your physician(s). For example, important medical decisions, such as a change in your treatment or medications should never be made without you personally consulting your physician.
  6. As a patient utilizing RPP, you will receive e-mail notifications when there is any new medical information to view in your account. This means that anyone with access to your e-mail account will also be able to see the notification. Rest assured that no private medical information will be included in these e-mail notifications.      
  7. You agree, that you are solely responsible, if you decide to share with others, any part of your medical record, which can be accessed through the RPP.
  8. You agree that all of your communications on RPP, will involve only your own health condition(s) and asking for advice on behalf of another individual, could be potentially harmful to you and would constitute a violation of the RPP Terms and Conditions. Rowan Medicine does not assume any responsibility for health information or services used by individuals other than Rowan Medicine patients.

You also agree to the Rowan Medicine Privacy Statement, which is available for review at http://www.rowan.edu/compliance/documents/RowanSOMPrivacyPracticesbrochureFINAL72013.pdf

By clicking “accept”, I, as the enrollee, agree to the Rowan Medicine Patient Portal Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions; and I understand that it is an electronic signature, which is a legally binding signature and equivalent to my hand written signature.